Colin Woo

Colin Woo, Realtor

About Colin Woo

Born and raised in Calgary, Colin's youth was defined by his family's survival of Calgary's fabled 1980's real estate crisis. In the face of 21% interest rates and crashing house prices, the family had no choice but to join the unfortunate group of home owners who sold their homes for $1 just to be free of their mortgage and escape total bankruptcy. Real estate has had a big impact on Colin and it's a part of life that he's passionate about. To this day he carries with him the wisdom he gained from his family's real estate survival/success story, and passes that on to the clients he serves. The home is the foundation upon which a family is built and can be the bedrock of a family's financial prosperity. Sound real estate decisions can be a blessing, while poor ones can be a curse. Colin would love to be part of your real estate prosperity story by giving sound advice and streamlining the buying and selling experience for you.

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